choreography reel...scroll down for more

amoureux - "lost the plot"

ballet reel 

flash on the beach

master hunter video for laura marling

***nominated for best choreography for the UK music video awards 13

kait weston "til death do us part" (excerpt)

laura marling secret cinema performance

adobe max live event

petals on the wind - trailer

la opera's romeo et juliette - behind the scenes

transit (excerpt) 

90210 - "the bachelors"

control - hysterica dance co. 

la ballet NEXTwaveLA - behind the scenes

trailer for laura marling's when brave bird saved 

click for full version of  short film 

grey ant sunglass commercial


proactiv commercial w/ julianne hough



dance camera west festival @ Getty Center


magic sofa

90210 - "all about a boy"

the wheel - hysterica dance co.

colony (intimate) - la ballet

kinky music video - bailar hasta quemarnos

dance channel tv interview w/ kitty mcnamee