Vincent Paterson...the innovator

I have spent far too long writing this entry for my blog!!! Vincent Paterson is such a tremendous inspiration to me! At every turn i discovered beautiful, groundbreaking creations and could NOT resist watching. He has generated innovative, iconic work that is embedded in and literally shifted pop culture. I'm looking forward to his future projects and continue to draw inspiration from his focus, creativity and generosity.

In addition to his expansive credits (some of my favorites are Dancer in the Dark for Bjork, Smooth Criminal for MIchael Jackson and Express Yourself  for Madonna) this stood out to me as i studied his bio:

"He is respected and loved by those with whom he creates for his focused work ethic, his originality, his appreciation of his collaborators, his respect for his artists and his generosity of spirit." 

a glimpse into Vincent's world is captured in the documentary "The Man Behind the Throne" check out the trailer

black crane + diana koenigsberg photography = joy

a few of my favorite things!

i love a little fashion and creating something fresh with friends! excited that photographer diana koenigsberg invited me to collaborate on a shoot for the beautiful black crane clothing line. i could dance, choreograph and play in momoko suzuki's beautiful clothes 24/7.

as a little bonus i got to hang out with my favorite make-up man patrick tumey . patrick made me look and feel so great when we worked together on Uniqlo a few years back that of course i was thrilled to see him!!

special thanks to jenny levy for casting the uniquely beautiful margo frances

stills and stop animation video from the shoot a peek at one of my earlier collaborations with the fab diana

check out more of diana's beautiful photography by clicking here 

A COLORED DRESS is a collaborative stop action animated short made by Photographer/Director Diana Koenigsberg, Designer of Black Crane clothing Momoko Suzuki, and choreographer Kitty McNamee.

Creative Director: Diana Koenigsberg Director: Diana Koenigsberg Director of Photography: Robert Benavides Casting: Jennifer Levy Production Design: Kendall Faeth Choreographer: Kitty McNamee Wardrobe: Jennifer Levy Man - Philip Bruenn Legs - Shannon Beech Hand - Emily Williams Editor: Chadwick Nelson

GMUNK...the ecstatic

one of my all time favorite directors is the fabulous GMUNK. a true innovator who literally thinks outside of the box and is as ecstatic about generating new art as i am. check out his stunning website at: click the links below to watch our collaboration, flash on the beach, and one of my favorites of his, box.

flash on the beach


behind the scenes at the flash on the beach shoot

VARIETY Review: Lifetime's Beautiful & Twisted

Lifetime's Beautiful & Twisted is worth the indulgence! Variety gushes over Paz Vega's performance as Rob Lowe's seductive love interest, "oozing sexuality from every pore." 

Read the full review here and don't miss the premiere this Saturday, Jan 31!

Lifetime's Beautiful & Twisted...a sneak peak!

amazing adventure creating choreography for and coaching

the beautiful PAZ VEGA

for her role in lifetime's upcoming movie Beautiful & Twisted starring Paz and Rob Lowe. 

don't miss the premiere on jan 31st @ 8pm!

legacy...alan johnson

i'd like to honor those who have paved the way for all of us working as choreographers today.

growing up in the country in Ohio the only access i had to dance was on TV.  i LOVED watching movies and escaping into an exhilarating world of fantasy. One of my favorite escapes was the mad genius of Mel Brooks and as i have learned the uber genius of

choreographer Alan Johnson


he is one to be honored, inspired by and cherished. Alan is an award winning choreographer, best known for his work on Mel Brooks films and for restaging Jerome Robbins' original choreography in live productions of West Side Story in the United States and internationally.  

Julie McDonald, best known for being the first dance agent, says about Alan

"I think Alan is a choreography genius.  It's hard to choreograph humor.  No one does it better. He got the most astounding performance out of Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles, singing "I'm Tired".   The Springtime for Hitler number from The Producers is iconic. How does one take such a sensitive topic (The Holocaust) and make it, well....hilarious?   He and Mel Brooks were on the same page.  The number he did for Ann Bancroft on a TV special showed off her extraordinary skills as a comedic actress through a dance number.  Alan's choreography is stylish and elegant."

an amazing resource for our community is dance historian Larry on his name to access rarely seen dance on film/TV footage and images.

here is a montage of the highlights of choreographer Alan Johnson's amazing career. Created for his Lifetime Achievement Award at the American Choreography Awards, this short film features his choreography for Mel Brooks' films, his Emmy award winning appearances, as well as his stage and commercial work


for inspiration and pure joy revisit one of his films...his credits include:

As Choreographer

As Director


kitty mcnamee = creative director


new direction

kitty mcnamee = creative director

I'm excited to be expanding my creative enterprises!

New creative direction projects include
Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday Party for FLUX at The Line Hotel and Henry Wolfe's recent California tour culminating in EP release performance 11/11 at Bootleg.

Me and my FAB assistant Julie @ Hello Kitty.
Read more details on My Blog

Henry Wolfe's EP release and performance @ Bootleg

Marlon Pelayo and Emilie Livingston killing it in a poolside performance @ Hello Kitty

Grey Ant...hysterica collaborator extraordinare

dear friend and hysterica collaborator Grey Ant is a

    CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist

Grant and partner Natalie Levy are currently featured in the November issue of Vogue!

I'm happy to celebrate an amazing collaborator and staunch supporter of my work. Before moving to NYC Grant created some of my favorite costumes for Hysterica, including the evening length "sticks & stones." I was thrilled when Grant asked me to create a promo to launch his stunning eyewear line (see video below) featuring Hysterica dancers Tara Brook, Hunter Hamilton, Julie Schmid and Nathan Kim.

Grey Ant is coveted by everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga

Vogue says "Grey Ant-the moniker comes from the nickname founder Grant Krajecki, was given as a kid by his Midwestern family—evolved exclusively into eyewear two years ago from its origins in Krajecki’s L.A.-based womenswear line."
Grant is a visionary and a lovely happy for his success!
check out the gorgeous eyewear @
grant and natalie in VOGUE, November issue

grant and natalie in VOGUE, November issue

Hysterica performing for Grey Ant's show in Fashion Week.

Hysterica performing for Grey Ant's show in Fashion Week.


Dance Camera West "Get Wet" Dance Media Festival 2013

Presenting Sponsors Music Center, LACMA, The Getty Museum and Annenberg Beach House

Saturday, May 4th - Early Evening Program at The Getty Museum

  • 4:00pm-4:30pm Get Wet Series - Director/Choreographers Daniel Ezralow and Kitty McNamee
  • 5:00-6:30pm Site and Architecture screenings (International short & long-short film selection), followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.
  • 7:00pm-7:30pm Get Wet Series - Director/Choreographers Daniel Ezralow and Kitty McNamee