tara nicole hughes


a treasure | a heartache | a challenge | an inspiration : the definition of this piece and of the beauty of hysterica dance co.

i treasured the experience of creating this piece | it unearthed real heartache in all of us | it was a huge challenge for me, i nearly gave up | the music was an epic inspiration

given the subject matter, we were a bit ahead of our time - as usual. it resonated then, and it still resonates now.

"refugee" choreographed by Kitty McNamee | Hysterica Dance Co. Dancers: Nina McNeely, Tara Brook, Justine Clark, Lisa Lock, Dominic Chaiduang, Scott Hislop, Tara Nicole Hughes, Mecca Vazie Andrews -- beautiful costumes by the one and only Ryan Heffington -- big thanks to Yi-Chun Wu for the captivating in-performance photo

photo: yi-chun wu

photo: yi-chun wu