mecca vazie andrews


a treasure | a heartache | a challenge | an inspiration : the definition of this piece and of the beauty of hysterica dance co.

i treasured the experience of creating this piece | it unearthed real heartache in all of us | it was a huge challenge for me, i nearly gave up | the music was an epic inspiration

given the subject matter, we were a bit ahead of our time - as usual. it resonated then, and it still resonates now.

"refugee" choreographed by Kitty McNamee | Hysterica Dance Co. Dancers: Nina McNeely, Tara Brook, Justine Clark, Lisa Lock, Dominic Chaiduang, Scott Hislop, Tara Nicole Hughes, Mecca Vazie Andrews -- beautiful costumes by the one and only Ryan Heffington -- big thanks to Yi-Chun Wu for the captivating in-performance photo

photo: yi-chun wu

photo: yi-chun wu

GMUNK...the ecstatic

one of my all time favorite directors is the fabulous GMUNK. a true innovator who literally thinks outside of the box and is as ecstatic about generating new art as i am. check out his stunning website at: click the links below to watch our collaboration, flash on the beach, and one of my favorites of his, box.

flash on the beach


behind the scenes at the flash on the beach shoot