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kitty mcnamee = creative director


new direction

kitty mcnamee = creative director

I'm excited to be expanding my creative enterprises!

New creative direction projects include
Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday Party for FLUX at The Line Hotel and Henry Wolfe's recent California tour culminating in EP release performance 11/11 at Bootleg.

Me and my FAB assistant Julie @ Hello Kitty.
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Henry Wolfe's EP release and performance @ Bootleg

Marlon Pelayo and Emilie Livingston killing it in a poolside performance @ Hello Kitty

featured clip of the week

"bouncy" performed live at Celebrate Dance at the Alex Theatre

gorgeous music composed by Bruno Louchouarn

Hysterica Dance Company - Celebrate Dance 2011

Choreography: Kitty McNamee | Original Score: Bruno Louchouarn | Producer: Jamie Nichols | Video Production: Tim Sutton | Lighting Design: Eileen Cooley

Dancers: tara brook, reshma gajjar, colleen craig, justine clark, kelli cubillos, andy acosta, marlon pelayo, logan schvyvnck, austin westbay, stephen hernandez and hunter hamilton. Understudy: jm rodriquez