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JAZZ/ with Muse/ique!

One of the gifts of my career is creating dance for live orchestral performances!

This summer i've been collaborating with Mike Simpson (EZ Mike) and Muse/ique to create a theatrical dance event for the upcoming JAZZ/GENESIS show. The music, the story, the magic of Mike Simpson's re-invention have completely revitalized me! 

Come see Maestra Rachel Worby, the Muse/ique Orchestra, principal dancers Chelsea Paige Johnson and Marlon Pelayo and the graduating class of Edge Performing Arts Center's nationally recognized scholarship program LIVE on Saturday, August 8 @ 7:30

Β work

experimenting with new construction techniques for "sylvia." many thanks to Axiom Dance Theater for the invitation to show work and to edge performing arts center for letting us rehearse in their beautiful new space! 

beautiful dancers are: Toi'ya Leatherwood, Hannah Odgers, Sebastian Mazur, Baden Silva, Jess Steidler and Ty Wells.

guest blog - Hysterica dancer Stephanie Kim

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I've been living and dancing in LA for the last 6 years. I performed with a (Hysterica) dancer who told me I should definitely go to Kitty's class! A year later, I finally got my butt in there and was challenged while still being able to dance my heart out. So I kept going back. I just finished performing in the latest run of the LA Opera's La Traviata, choreographed by Kitty. This is one of many times I've been lucky to work with her. Every time we create in class or rehearsal I always learn a little more about myself. I'm very classically trained and I feel Kitty's class enables me to color outside the lines and hear music differently than before. But most importantly, her class has helped me find my story. I am grateful that Kitty has stressed that lesson. It has helped every thought, breath, and movement have a purpose. I've flourished in my performance and mind-set in the studio. Get in her class, you will learn treasures!

For more info about Stephanie visit:

training beautiful dancers

i've been fortunate to have had some amazing dancers come through my class and my rehearsals over the years...this is what i see in the best of them:

  • bravery-they are willing to take risks. 
  • passion-their love for dance shines through the pain and sweat.
  • persistence-their passion drives them through the challenging times-never give up.
  • rebellion-the strength to challenge convention separates the great from the good.
  • individuality-my favorite quality! you'll need both bravery and rebellion for this one!

click here for a link to the combo from last Thursday's class @  Edge Performing Arts Center with 2 of my favorite dancers Stephanie Kim and Marlon Pelayo

join me for contemporary class Tues and Thurs 11:30-1 @ the new Edge!