Hello Kitty...kitty

I had an amazing time working with Nicole Disson as creative director for Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday Party at The Line Hotel!   So happy that Flux was into adding LA dance to the mix!

it was a friendly, fun and supercute event. We ❤️ Hello Kitty!


Special thanks to all the amazing talent who helped breathe extra magic into the night:

Marlon Pelayo, Emilie Livingston, Arody Trujillo, Andy Acosta, JM Rodriguez and Zoe Aja Moore

Hip Hop Trio choreography by Arody Trujillo

Trio wardrobe styled by Anthony Garza

Voguing by Derrell Bullock

+ the amazing Future Eyes by Brent Paul Pearson






Grey Ant...hysterica collaborator extraordinare

dear friend and hysterica collaborator Grey Ant is a

    CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist

Grant and partner Natalie Levy are currently featured in the November issue of Vogue!

I'm happy to celebrate an amazing collaborator and staunch supporter of my work. Before moving to NYC Grant created some of my favorite costumes for Hysterica, including the evening length "sticks & stones." I was thrilled when Grant asked me to create a promo to launch his stunning eyewear line (see video below) featuring Hysterica dancers Tara Brook, Hunter Hamilton, Julie Schmid and Nathan Kim.

Grey Ant is coveted by everyone from Beyonce to Lady Gaga

Vogue says "Grey Ant-the moniker comes from the nickname founder Grant Krajecki, was given as a kid by his Midwestern family—evolved exclusively into eyewear two years ago from its origins in Krajecki’s L.A.-based womenswear line."
Grant is a visionary and a lovely man...so happy for his success!
check out the gorgeous eyewear @  greyant.com
grant and natalie in VOGUE, November issue

grant and natalie in VOGUE, November issue

Hysterica performing for Grey Ant's show in Fashion Week.

Hysterica performing for Grey Ant's show in Fashion Week.