Vince Paterson

Vincent Paterson...the innovator

I have spent far too long writing this entry for my blog!!! Vincent Paterson is such a tremendous inspiration to me! At every turn i discovered beautiful, groundbreaking creations and could NOT resist watching. He has generated innovative, iconic work that is embedded in and literally shifted pop culture. I'm looking forward to his future projects and continue to draw inspiration from his focus, creativity and generosity.

In addition to his expansive credits (some of my favorites are Dancer in the Dark for Bjork, Smooth Criminal for MIchael Jackson and Express Yourself  for Madonna) this stood out to me as i studied his bio:

"He is respected and loved by those with whom he creates for his focused work ethic, his originality, his appreciation of his collaborators, his respect for his artists and his generosity of spirit." 

a glimpse into Vincent's world is captured in the documentary "The Man Behind the Throne" check out the trailer