The Getty


every time i visit the getty i am overwhelmed by the beauty - the art, the architecture, the garden, the view. a few years ago, dance camera west gave me the opportunity to create a piece specifically for the outdoor space. inspired by the interplay of water and architecture, it was a joy to choreograph three dances for such an iconic la landmark. i am honored to be featured on the getty's website for their #gettyinspired campaign: please take a moment to check it out!

dance camera west fundraiser screening

Dance Camera West has created amazing opportunities for local choreographers and companies alike...featuring work by Hysterica, BodyTraffic, Daniel Ezralow, Tony Testa to name a few in curated performances @ The Getty, Music Center and LACMA.

DCW also curates an amazing festival of dance on film from around the globe...come out and support this amazing organization that has supported dance so beautifully!


Trailer of film to be screened "Lords of BSV":

support the arts by attending dance camera west's annual holiday fundraiser screening!