Marlon Pelayo

muse/ique collaboration with dan goods + david delgado

here's a sneak peek...behind the scenes @ muse/ique rehearsals. i'm very excited to collaborate with visual geniuses dan goods + david delgado. it's going to be an incredible show! 

MUSE/IQUE this sat, aug 8th! 

lead dancers: marlon pelayo + chelsea paige johnson

visual artists: dan goods + david delgado

dan goods

dan goods

david delgado

david delgado

JAZZ/ with Muse/ique!

One of the gifts of my career is creating dance for live orchestral performances!

This summer i've been collaborating with Mike Simpson (EZ Mike) and Muse/ique to create a theatrical dance event for the upcoming JAZZ/GENESIS show. The music, the story, the magic of Mike Simpson's re-invention have completely revitalized me! 

Come see Maestra Rachel Worby, the Muse/ique Orchestra, principal dancers Chelsea Paige Johnson and Marlon Pelayo and the graduating class of Edge Performing Arts Center's nationally recognized scholarship program LIVE on Saturday, August 8 @ 7:30


kitty mcnamee = creative director


new direction

kitty mcnamee = creative director

I'm excited to be expanding my creative enterprises!

New creative direction projects include
Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday Party for FLUX at The Line Hotel and Henry Wolfe's recent California tour culminating in EP release performance 11/11 at Bootleg.

Me and my FAB assistant Julie @ Hello Kitty.
Read more details on My Blog

Henry Wolfe's EP release and performance @ Bootleg

Marlon Pelayo and Emilie Livingston killing it in a poolside performance @ Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty...kitty

I had an amazing time working with Nicole Disson as creative director for Hello Kitty's 40th Birthday Party at The Line Hotel!   So happy that Flux was into adding LA dance to the mix!

it was a friendly, fun and supercute event. We ❤️ Hello Kitty!


Special thanks to all the amazing talent who helped breathe extra magic into the night:

Marlon Pelayo, Emilie Livingston, Arody Trujillo, Andy Acosta, JM Rodriguez and Zoe Aja Moore

Hip Hop Trio choreography by Arody Trujillo

Trio wardrobe styled by Anthony Garza

Voguing by Derrell Bullock

+ the amazing Future Eyes by Brent Paul Pearson






featured clip of the week

"bouncy" performed live at Celebrate Dance at the Alex Theatre

gorgeous music composed by Bruno Louchouarn

Hysterica Dance Company - Celebrate Dance 2011

Choreography: Kitty McNamee | Original Score: Bruno Louchouarn | Producer: Jamie Nichols | Video Production: Tim Sutton | Lighting Design: Eileen Cooley

Dancers: tara brook, reshma gajjar, colleen craig, justine clark, kelli cubillos, andy acosta, marlon pelayo, logan schvyvnck, austin westbay, stephen hernandez and hunter hamilton. Understudy: jm rodriquez 


training beautiful dancers

i've been fortunate to have had some amazing dancers come through my class and my rehearsals over the years...this is what i see in the best of them:

  • bravery-they are willing to take risks. 
  • passion-their love for dance shines through the pain and sweat.
  • persistence-their passion drives them through the challenging times-never give up.
  • rebellion-the strength to challenge convention separates the great from the good.
  • individuality-my favorite quality! you'll need both bravery and rebellion for this one!

click here for a link to the combo from last Thursday's class @  Edge Performing Arts Center with 2 of my favorite dancers Stephanie Kim and Marlon Pelayo

join me for contemporary class Tues and Thurs 11:30-1 @ the new Edge!